About Misantra e-shop

“Misantra – Mesantra”  a name with a history.

During the Turkish rule in the mountainous regions of Makedonia, the Greek people’s lives were continuously in danger. Consequently, many owners of mansions came up with the idea of creating secret passageways in their homes, in other words “exits”.

These were the so-called “Misantres – Mesantres”, a compound word, made up of the words “in” and “man”.  On the outside, they looked like a normal wardrobe, but on the inside there was a secret trapdoor which led to the roof of the mansion and from there to the neighbour’s house. Nobody could have imagined that behind the beautifully, hand painted, wooden wardrobes full of clothes, woven linen and bedding, gold coins and jewellery there were real secret passageways.

The Misantra e-shop offers clothes and accessories of high quality in the hope of creating a long-term relationship of trust and safety with its customers. Together with our own handmade collection of leather clothing and accessories called “MIKKO” we hope to brighten up and beautify your misantra as well.

Welcome to our site and enjoy yourselves!

The Misantra e-shop Team